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Mon Oct 3 20:11:00 CEST 2011

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The annotated tag, OLSRD_0_6_2 has been created
        at  6597ef71d2a24a24c92798d8a43fa5c49fcbe6f4 (tag)
   tagging  dc9541b67863de10820bb5eec8377dae0f6634bf (commit)
  replaces  OLSRD_0_6_1_fixed
 tagged by  Henning Rogge
        on  Mon Oct 3 20:18:18 2011 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Stable Release 0.6.2
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Ferry Huberts (37):
      p2pd: fix uninitialised pointer for first nonOlsrInterface
      mdns: fix uninitialised pointer for first nonOlsrInterface
      ip_frontend: remove unused variable
      neighbor_table: remove unused variable
      tc_set: remove unused variable
      olsrd_httpinfo: remove unused variable
      mdns/NetworkInterfaces: remove unused variable
      mdns: remove unused variables
      nameservice: remove unused variable
      p2pd/NetworkInterfaces: remove unused variable
      p2pd: remove unused variables
      olsrd_txtinfo: remove unused variable
      olsr_cookie: introduce OLSR_COOKIE_DEBUG define
      Makefile.inc: remove duplicate -Wpointer-arith
      Makefiles: define UNINSTALL_LIB macro
      arprefresh: add uninstall target
      bmf: add uninstall target
      dot_draw: add uninstall target
      dyn_gw: add uninstall target
      dyn_gw_plain: add uninstall target
      httpinfo: add uninstall target
      mdns: add uninstall target
      nameservice: add uninstall target
      pgraph: add uninstall target
      quagga: add uninstall target
      secure: add uninstall target
      tas: add uninstall target
      txtinfo: add uninstall target
      watchdog: add uninstall target
      p2pd: add to Makefile
      p2pd: add uninstall target
      mini: add uninstall target
      Makefile: add uninstall targets
      Makefile: sort plugins
      build: do not print full commandlines
      Linux: correctly set plugin library soname
      clean up README-Olsr-Extensions file

Gabriela Botea (2):
      olsr_create_lock_file for win32 fixes
      bugfix delete_kernel_routes win32

Henning Rogge (17):
      Update version to pre-0.6.2
      Fix documentation about SmartGateway (default is "no")
      Merge branch 'stable' of git:// into stable
      Fix parser error for ipv6src interface parameter
      Add debian build folder to OLSRd. Create a debian package just with "dpkg-buildpackage"...
      Add files for OpenWRT olsrd-stable-git generation
      Fix bug in glibc in IPTOS_CLASS(x) macro (netinet/ip.h file)
      Deactivate locking file for hostemulation mode
      Fix for glibc must be here too
      Merge branch 'stable' of git:// into stable
      Fix SmartGwUplink "none" case
      Fix typo in compiler options
      Fix TOS settings for linux
      Allow TOS values of up to 31
      Fix default policy rule priority
      Sanitize the kernel check function for linux
      Update version to 0.6.2

L. Aaron Kaplan (1):
      reduce CPU load in dot_draw

Manuel Munz (1):
      The default value for SmartGateway is "no", fix that here to not confuse people

Markus Kittenberger (17):
      try to add/delete routes forever (fixes broken return code handling for adding routes, and also adds similar functionality for deleting)
      allow ::something ipv6 adresses
      return "/all" on any "invalid" txtinfo command
      typo in win32 lockfile code
      fix typo
      fix win32 select issue
      fix ctrl-c in win32
      specify gateway (=destination) in routes to direct neighbours, to fix problems with wrong source address selection for traffic routed over such routes by the linux kernel
      Revert "specify gateway (=destination) in routes to direct neighbours, to fix problems with wrong source address selection for traffic routed over such routes by the linux kernel"
      use onlink flag for all routes (fixes src ip issues, and removes inter-route dependencies)
      activate Routing/Forwarindg for WIN32 aswell (again) *G
      add /2hop command to txtinfo
      free rt_entry when deleting route
      clean up 2 comments, and move a newline
      Merge branch 'stable' of git://olsr.org/olsrd into stable
      do not use onlink flag, for network routes without gateway (e.g. smartgateway default route via ptp tunnel)
      3 != 2

Roland Stigge (1):
      Added mips and mips64 to list of -fPIC architectures

Rusty Haddock (4):
      Adjustments made to ensure data going out is converted to network
      Removed the code that I changed & commented out per request from Henning.
      Bumped library version to 0.6 because of the serious differences.
      Updated CHANGELOG with note about fixes for byte ordering.

Teco Boot (1):
      Default TosValue set to 192: CS6

Vasilis Tsiligiannis (2):
      Update Quagga 0.99.x patch to version 0.99.18
      Remove 'destination == gateway' routes workaround - should be fixed with new Quagga patch

markus (1):
      various arm fixes (mostly nowarn_align)

root (3):
      use correct scope, and improve error messages
      remove uneeded netlink flags/comments
      Fix Linux kernel version check for >= 3.x.x

soma (1):
      Fix output format for txtinfo/gateways to be in line with the others.

{Teco Boot} (1):
      TosValue redefined as TOS byte


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