[Olsr-announce] [OT] c-base crash cancelled

Sven Wagner (spam-protected)
Tue Sep 4 03:29:56 CEST 2007

  *please spread the good news*

a personal big thanks to everyone who helped us out.
The public response was/is amazing
It's nice to see how many people round the world, realize how important 
a *free hacker space* is!

*A big T H A N K S from all the crew*

     cven :-)


*c-base crash cancelled:
c-base reconstruction project continues !!*

*spectacular public response:
space station's untimely end prevented for now*

In mid-July of this year the non-profit association c-base came close
to bankruptcy and faced eviction. The cause was an accumulated rent
debt that we couldn't afford due to chronic financing gaps.

The news about this predicament spread quickly throughout the
internet: within a few hours a press release and several donation
requests were issued in the blogosphere. National and international
communities and culture projects spread the word, even country-wide
news channels such as Heise and Spiegel Online provided coverage.

This public response, along with the considerable amounts that
arrived on the donation account, led to new hope and motivation among
the dismayed c-base crew...

*thank you to all activists and donors – your contribution counts!*

In the following days and weeks the donation request yielded 12 000
Euros altogether – a good part of which came from private donors,
including some large donations. We would like to thank every one of
them! Many organisations also supported us through monetary and
equipment donations – they deserve our gratitude, too!

There have been many commendable actions in our own ranks as well:
the society's members, who all work voluntarily, showed a remarkable
devotion at acquiring donations, managing the space station, and
working on projects and events.

Thanks to all the efforts, almost 20 000 of the needed 30 000 Euros
was raised in only 6 weeks.

This money was used to reduce our debt with the cooperative which
houses the space station, and as a result they have announced the
withdrawal of the eviction. It seems that the space station is saved
for the time being.

*we realize the issue went beyond the cash box*

Of course we want to prevent similar situations in the future. For
this reason, the
c-base's board – which has grown by four energetic members as of the
general meeting two weeks ago – is not only concerned with the
settlement of debts, but also with changes and investments which
enhance and stabilise our situation.

To this end, we have consciously decided not to scale down the rented
area in order to keep the option of hosting events (with a renewed
emphasis on a media-cultural focus). In fact, we are even aiming to
develop and enhance the rooms and their infrastructure to provide a
reliable and efficient platform for partners and their projects.

Some of the changes and instant measures have already led to a
tangible enhancement of the situation; for instance, a newly
organised, dependable and courteous bar crew was able to double the
revenue from drinks in the past weeks.

Currently, our internal management structure is being reworked,
restructured and made more efficient and we are aiming to draw new
members by an enhanced access to infrastructure and resources. An
improved internal and external communication should further help to
support own projects and provide a better accessibility for the public.

*be future compatible – reboot your universe now!*

So the story continues and it will remain exciting … and you should
be a part of it. ;-)

With your membership fee you not only support the continuity of a
most unusual part of the Berlin sub-culture, you also gain an
opportunity for creative exchange and access to trend-setting
projects on-board your own space station.

Membership application forms can be found at: http://www.c-base.org/

c-base e.V.
space station beneath Berlin
Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 – 28 599 300


Donation account

c-base e.V.
Hypovereinsbank Potsdam
Sort Code 160 200 86, Account No 4910173974
IBAN: DE 09 16 02 00 86 49 10 17 39 74

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