[Olsr-announce] [camp07] Wireless:Village

Sven Wagner (spam-protected)
Wed Jul 18 02:40:46 CEST 2007


The Chaos Communication Camp 2007 [camp07] will start "in few days" near
berlin ...


Right now, people from different freifunk/freenetworkers-cccommunities,
are tying to "organize"  ;-)  the *Wireless:Village at the campside.
There is a wikipage, to do it in the way and spirit, of the
"What the Hack - WirelessVillage", 2 years ago in the netherlands.

If you or your community will join the Wireless:Village, it would be
nice to leave a note in the wiki.

The Wireless:Village and the whole camp/wiki lives from your ideas,
input and projects.
please write your content or whatever, under one of the subjects, or
just start a new one.

You can also connect some of us in the IRCNet #freifunk
      * irc.fu-berlin.de irc.tu-ilmenau.de irc.uni-erlangen.de
      * uk.ircnet.org
      * irc.xs4all.nl

more foo soon  ;-)


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